Aqueous Inks

Inks for the Highest Performance

If black ink dominates your print jobs then our specially formulated Managed Inks for porous materials give you a wide range of options, each one designed for specific coats and stocks. For those projects that require color, we carry over 14 stock colors and offer custom Pantone color matching.

A few of the Key Aqueous inks are listed below. However for a full listing please download the Norwix Inks flyer under Documentation below:


The perfect ink for all Case Coding application, Carton Black has been formulated with excellent water-fast characteristics, stunning decap with very good print quality.

Available in: Stand Alone cartridges and in Bulk (800ml)


Ideal for coated stocks, this dye based ink gives good dry times, and very good decap together with excellent print quality for barcodes and more.

Available in: Stand Alone cartridges and in Bulk (800ml)



For applications such as paper and glossy stock, it has very good optical density and the best light fastness available.

Available in: Stand Alone cartridges and in Bulk (800ml) and in colors

Cartridge Yields
Expected YieldVertical Printing (ml)Horizontal Printing (ml)
Carton Black Plus3936
Express Black3936
Jet Black Delta Plus 23936
Noir Black3835
Overcoat Black Delta Plus3835
Firing Parameters
Firing ParametersOpen Drive VoltageFire Pulse LengthPulse WarmingPulse Warming Temp.
Carton Black Plus10.2 V2.0 μs OFF-
Express Black10.,6 V2.0 μs OFF-
Jet Black Delta Plus 210.6 V2.0 μs OFF-
Noir Black10.6 V2.0 μs ON35°C
Overcoat Black Delta Plus10.6 V 2.0 μs ON35°C
Method A (Water Based Inks)
  1. Use dry lint free cloth moistened with deionized water
  2. Wipe slowly and lightly across the tip of the long edge with the print head facing down.
  3. Wipe until two dark lines appear on the cloth and any dry debris is removed off the face.