Case Coding


Natures Promise is a ‘free-from brand’ that is offered in some of the largest supermarkets in the USA. They are a significant part of a larger multinational retailing group

Nature’s Promise has a mission of creating a line of products which not only respects the environment but delivers high quality food. 


Although the company had had Piezo based case coders installed, they were not happy about the cost of maintenance and the resultant mess from cleaning nozzles.

Furthermore, the incumbent printers were progressively becoming more and more unreliable in the three years that they had been installed. 

They were looking for a solution that would give them highly quality barcodes and print while remaining flexible to changing market needs, and remain functioning and relevant for the foreseeable future. 


                                            Ink mess on floor from existing printers



The company chose Norwix 2″ .CORE solutions, printing on either side of the case, giving them clean, readable barcodes and superb print resolution.

They had a need to print on three sides so a ‘bump turn’ was created after the first print on the side.

These were affixed to supplied floor bolted mounts either side of the conveyor with an industrial User Interface controlling all three  .CORE’s. The bulk ink holders feeding each print head reduced the operational costs by a factor of three.


                            Three .CORE’s installed on existing conveyor system                                                        including a ‘bump turn’ to be able to print on three sides


                             Printing front and back 

            Path of case through two .CORE’s 

                          Resultant print on cases