Flexible Packaging


Edesia is a unique non-profit organization that manufactures specialized ready-to-use foods that saves lives. Each year, millions of “miracle packets” are delivered into the hands of malnourished children all over the world by humanitarian aid workers working in some of the hardest-to-reach areas on the planet.

The company makes over 1.5 million packets of ready-to-use food each day

The factory operates in a LEAN manufacturing environment. Their state-of-the-art, advanced manufacturing process runs 24 hours a day, allowing them to respond quickly to the most urgent humanitarian crises


As a clean environment and one where quality and high productivity is a given, the company had been having ongoing issues with their current CIJ based solution on their VFFS lines

  • The printers required cleaning both before shutdown and during start-up;
  • They incurred a $1000 per CIJ preventative maintenance/year ongoing cost
  • The printers themselves were difficult to access as they they were embedded within the body of the VFFS

Once they became aware of the ease, simplicity and cleanliness of the .UNO Plus they instantly installed a line within one of their existing VFFS machines, removing the CIJ in their entirety.

A three lane .UNO plus was installed simply using off the shelf 80/20 extrusion and the system was started. It ran exceedingly well.

They were printing expiry dates and production dataDue to their productivity requirements, they then added a bulk ink solution to further reduce costs.


        .UNO Plus 3 lane with Bulk System running                                        off a single User Interface

                 Before: Original Installation of CIJ,                                          with three separate Screens

                Inside the VFFS. Easy Access, Clean                                           operation, No Maintenance