Food and Beverage


Noosa Yoghurt,  produces dairy products. They offer yogurt in honey, blueberry, mango, raspberry, peach, passion fruit, plain, pineapple, coconut, pumpkin, and lemon flavors.

Based in Colorado, they have a highly recognizable brand for quality dairy products.


The company had two print technologies installed – a label printer/applicator and an ageing CIJ printer. Both were problematical.

Several times a day., there would be a changeover from corrugate trays to non-porous shrink-wrap trays.

The label applicator would need new pre-printed labels loaded several times a day causing extended setup or downtime, and the CIJ was messy and inconsistent, mainly because it did not run all the time.


                Before replacement with Norwix products, Labels on shrink wrap


Although the initial problem was in replacing the label printer, they quickly realized that they could replace two printers and only have one in its place – it was just a simple matter of changing the ink cartridges whenever they wanted to change from Kraft to Shrink Wrap

A 2″ CORE was installed and has been saving them money ever since!