Created in the early 1990’s in Europe, this company is at the forefront of liquid and electrical underfloor heating, infrared and other radiated heat solutions for homes and offices. 

Manufacturing products in their factory, they are committed to the highest quality possible and continuing to drive the performance of their specific heating solutions


The company had been using CIJ printers and had been dissatisfied for some time with the reliability and mess of the printers. They also wanted to portray a far better image in the market with graphics, something that their existing print solution couldn’t achieve.


The company instantly liked the ability to print high quality logos together with the variable data for distance marking. They purchased their first unit at the completion of the trail and continue to be very satisfied.

A customized .UNO was installed within their manufacturing line, with an encoder signal coming from their own equipment, something which was very easy to integrate into the Norwix equipment.






           Single head, color customized using existing encoders and mounts

                CIJ Print on Bottom tube, with new print capability from Norwix