The Best Inks for all Applications

Norwix offers a variety of inks – Aqueous and Solvent based for the TIJ families and UV Curable for the Piezo, iM2 range of products. All of them are designed around the most effective Operational costs and suitability for standard, and more challenging applications



UV Curable Piezo Inks

Norwix LED UV Curable inks have been formulated to offer very good stability at speeds of 1000fpm+.  These inks require  less energy to cure than conventional UV Curable inks

Norwix uses state of the art processes to develop and fine tune custom piezo waveform drive parameters for every ink. When using the iM2 printer from Norwix, the inks provide unmatched print speeds and ink stability with optimal print quality and no nozzle outs. 

Solvent Based Inks 

With the ability to print on the a large range of non porous substrates, from plastics to metals and even glass, the latest inks are being developed to make Thermal Inkjet solutions from Norwix the definitive print technology

  • Prints on almost everything
  • Available in multiple colors including White, Red,
  • Blue and Green
  • Bulk Ink solutions available
Aqueous Inks

For applications where porous substrates, inc.jet has a wide range of water based inks available in Black, and the widest range of colors. Also available in Bulk ink formats for cost savings

  • Mail – Addressing
  • Graphics – numbering and variable data
  • Packaging – Case Coding