Label Replacement


This division of a Fortune 500 company in the USA supplies pre-prepared foods for Institutional use. This includes, frozen and refrigerated soups and salad dressings for restaurants, dipping sauces, cooking sauces and more.

They manufacture, process and package from this state of the art production facility in California. 

As they are part of a much large organization, where quality and efficiency is critical, their demands are very high.


Although they had used labels for many years on their institutional products in Case Coding, as demand had gone up, they realized that the cost of the labels were having negative impact on profitability

  • Reduce Coding and Making Costs
  • Reduce preprinted label stock
  • Provide ongoing flexibility to meet the changing demands from their market

Norwix reviewed the customers current situation, including throughput, quality and production process and recommended a complete replacement of the current print and apply labelers.

Using Total Cost of Ownership calculations, it became increasingly obvious to the end user that noticeable savings could be made by switching to a 4″ .CORE solution. In fact, it was estimated that there would be a return on investment of just under 2 years.

Although they had no immediate need for printing close to the conveyor at the time, they liked the flexibility of the low profile option (start printing at only 0.5″ from the conveyor) and purchased accordingly for possible future requirements. 


Two 2″ .CORE mounted side by side to give a total of 4″ print capability


Using the full size of the Case to print ingredients, barcodes and graphics

Existing 4″ x 4″ label – expensive


Replacement label using .CORE from Norwix