A privately owned conglomerate company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. It is involved in many industries including forestry, forestry products, agriculture, food processing, transportation, and shipbuilding.

A Family owned sawmill it is one of the five largest landowners in North America


The company had been using very large 3’x 2′ hand applied labels on their premium lumber; this was a significant cost to them in terms of materials as well as labor. It was also holding up production throughput.

They were investing heavily in a new packaging line to automate this and wanted to get away from labels.





This was a complex solution and not a simple marking application – it required full integration into the wrapping equipment itself. 

To meet the size requirements, two 8 head .WING’s with bulk and custom skis and mounts were provided. This was to print on two sides of the wrapped product. There were several iterations of this to make it finally operational in line with the customer’s needs.

After some adjustments, production had a 100% increase and savings on the labels alone contributed to offset the cost of the new machinery.



New wrapping plant

‘label’ is printed just prior to wrapping.

Custom Ski on 4″ Print head

Underside of print station

Final Product printed and wrapped