UV Inks

UV Curable Ink for the iM2

Norwix LED UV Curable inks have been formulated to offer very good stability at speeds of 1000fpm+.  These inks require  less energy to cure than conventional UV Curable inks

Norwix uses state of the art processes to develop and fine tune custom piezo waveform drive parameters for every ink. When using the iM2 printer from Norwix, the inks provide unmatched print speeds and ink stability with optimal print quality and no nozzle outs.

Our UV-LED curable inks are the perfect inks of choice for the mail, graphics, high speed web and industrial direct product marking industries.

  • Premium Quality with superior Adhesion, Abrasion/Scratch  and chemical wash resistance
  • Low cure energy, stable at high speed
  • High optical density with  excellent outdoor light durability that prevent fading
  • Low odor
  • Application Media- Acrylics, Glass, PVC, UV and Aqueous Coated substrates, Labels, Extruded Plastics, and more
  • Long decap time.

PUP1110 Black

A durable UV curable ink that works on variety of plastic and coated substrates. It’s formulated to cure with LED lamp at 395nm wavelength. It produces very dark, durable prints that are resistant to smudging and abrasion.

PUP1140 Black

A very good all around UV curable ink. It has great decap, is very easy to run and is very durable. This ink has been designed with high speed applications in mind requiring much lower energy and exposure time to cure the ink. On average it requires 30% less energy to cure the ink as speed.


PUP1180 Magenta

Magenta UV curable with the same great properties as black UV inks but in color. This ink offers great print capability and curing at very high print speed.

 PUP1110 BlackPUP1140 Black PUP1180 Magenta
Volume1,000 mL1,000 mL1,000 mL
Curing Wave395 nm395nm395 nm
Curing Power *8W/cm2 +4W/cm2 + 8W/cm2 +
Operating Conditions40-45 degrees C40-45 degrees C40-45 degrees C
Shelf Life12 months12 months12 months

* Curing Power depends on LED Lamp Exposure window and print speed. Number listed above are minimum requirements.

  • Take 3-4 lint-free Tech wipes (1022096G) and fold them so you create about 4-6 layers
  • Hold the lint-free wipes firmly against the head with a gloved hand so any purged ink goes directly into the wipes
  • Press the priming button for 1 to 2 seconds

    Note that the ink pressure status LED will turn red during this period
  • Keep holding the lint-free wipes firmly on the nozzles for 15-20 seconds so all the purged ink settles and goes into the wipes

Note that the ink pressure status LED should be green at the end of this process, indicating that the manifold pressure has stabilized

  • Wipe in line with the nozzles toward yourself
  • Use a clean lint-free wipe to wipe any excess ink that is left on the print head

This procedure will wick excess ink from the nozzles so they do not weep. The manual purging caused an excess of ink pressure that is removed with this technique.

Follow ink SDS for cleanup and disposal methods. Dispose of waste material in accordance with applicable regulations.