Vertical Form Fill Seal


This successful Contract Packager has been in business since the early 1970’s and today not only provides their core packaging services, but now also provides packaging equipment to the general marketplace.

The company is a leading North American provider of flexible packaging solutions to many well-known consumer brands. Marketers and supply chain partners routinely turn to them for access to global technologies, resources, and emerging innovations in single-serve flexible packaging formats.

Working in conjunction with select machinery system and material manufacturers, they offer a comprehensive array of packaging solutions for any  brand, from initial concept development to full-scale national or global commercial production.


Continuing to grow and develop their business model over the years, they were faced with a need to:

  • Increase throughput
  • reduce maintenance and operator intervention
  • Provide ongoing coding flexibility to meet the changing demands from their customers

As their business developed, they also found the need to offer packaging solutions to customers based on their own experiences.



Their first foray into norwix coding solutions began with the initial installation of a single print head on a packaging line. From this they were introduced to the iSP solution and a multilane solution was installed. This was just the beginning and they converted their entire production plant to Norwix coding solutions.

Not content with just using the norwix printers in their own production faculties, they were so taken with the simplicity, ease of use and cost savings that they now sell the solutions in all of their packaging equipment throughout the world.


.UNO printing expiry dates on
single lane poucher

10 Lane iSP on Solpac VFFS machine

Side view of iSP mounted on Film

Previous installation of TTO Printer
(now scrapped!)